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Python virtual environments

I’m good at forgetting syntax. And when working in Python, and creating virtual environments - I can never seem to remember the key steps.

And it seems that when I look things up, for some reason I have to put 3 different resources together to be successful.

Python 2

Check if it is already installed

Check to see if virtualenv is already installed

virtualenv --version

The result, if installed, will be a version number such as 16.1.0

Check for pip install

Before installing virtualenv, make sure you have pip (which comes standard with most modern releases of Python).

pip --version

The result,if installed, will be a version number such as ‘pip 18.1’

Don’t have pip? Follow these instructions

If virtualenv is not installed, use pip to install

sudo pip install virtualenv

Set up directories

I like to have all my virtual environments under a main directory. I suggest creating a directory named ‘python_virtual_environments’

mkdir python_virtual_environments

Which version of python

Many development environments will come standard with at least one version of Python, usually many versions.

Get a list of Python versions with this command

ls /usr/bin | grep python*

Create virtual environment

To create a virtual environment, you need to choose a version.

The syntax is:

virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python## my_virtual_env_directory

So if you wanted to create a virtual environment for a project named ‘scooby_duby_app’, and needed Python 3, this would be the command set

cd my_virtual_env_directory
virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 scooby_duby_app

This will create a directory ‘‘/my_virtual_env_directory/scooby_duby_app’

Lastly, activate the virtual environment

cd scooby_duby_app
source bin/activate

Python 3

Python 3 comes with venv, which works like virtualenv for Python 2.

Create virtual environment

python3 -m venv <name_of_virtual_environment>

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Written on December 13, 2018